It’s been a long time since I posted anything on here! Rest assured I’ve been knitting through the months in between and sharing projects on Ravelry and Instagram but it’s time I gave Gwlânblog a bit of my attention.

I’m super busy furiously knitting Christmas gifts.  I thought I would have everything done by the start of December as I was progressing well, however, there are still things to finish – and also start!

Just before the end of November I finished some really special socks.  I’d heard of the Marie Curie Sock Quest via Instagram and one of my close friends gifted me a ball of the West Yorkshire Spinners special edition Marie Curie colourway.


The Marie Curie Sock Quest was created by a prolific knitter (Sherlock Knits on Ravelry) who is a Palliative Care doctor by day – the idea being to knit every hospice patient in the UK a pair of socks for Christmas.  Knitters far and wide have participated and hopefully all the socks have now been knitted and posted ready for distribution.  I used to volunteer in my local hospice when I was an A level student, I have friends who work with cancer patients in various roles and I have friends and family who have been cared for in hospices.  I think this small gesture is so lovely and I hope the socks will be some small comfort to those who receive a pair.




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