Rainbow Unicorn

Have you noticed that there are unicorns everywhere?  My youngest daughter is absolutely obsessed with them.  Her birthday this week has provided an unicorn sicker book, unicorn onesie and unicorn bedding – vintage 1980s style.


I started this cowl before Christmas – she chose the yarn as it was like rainbow unicorns.  She is a rainbow baby so I try and accomodate rainbows wherever possible! I wasn’t sure what to do as regards to a stitch pattern and deliberated over garter stitch for some time.  In the end I went for a simple lace rib pattern.  Generally I wouldn’t use a pretty stitch with a variegated yarn as personally I think it gets a bit busy but on this occasion I think it works.  It is a simple cowl – provisional cast on, knitted flat and then grafted at the end to make a circle.  I had planned to make it longer so it would wrap around the neck twice, but this seems to work better for a little person.  Maybe I’ll write up the pattern and post it here ….

I think this was my first finish of 2018 and I’ve just popped another finished object in a bowl of water and Eucalan so I’m looking forward to putting two ticks on my WIP list!



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