Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Happy New Year!  Christmas came and Christmas went and it all seems a bit like a dream.  January is here, which I am thankful for.  I have always loved the start of a New Year – I know a lot of people find this strange!  I hold onto the dark nights and cold mornings as I know very soon, little by little, the days and the light will get longer.  The bleakness of January always makes me hopeful, everything is fresh, everything is new and soon there will be little green shoots and new life everywhere.  I have an overwhelming desire to clean and de-clutter at the start of every New Year!

I’m not one for resolutions but I have made a list of knitting projects I must try to complete before I tackle a new project.  With that in mind I’ve also created a list of things I might like to knit this year in no particular order.  My Works In Progress list freaked me out a little when I realised there were 9 WIPs on the list!  Oh dear!  A few days ago, filled with enthusiasm and coffee, I told one of my friends that I planned to knit a pair of socks a month this year!  She was amused by this and pointed out that I was placing needless pressure on myself.  We agreed that trying to knit through my sock yarn stash and putting the finished items in a lovely box was a better target.  With that in mind I cast on a new pair on New Year’s Day – this is one of my 9 WIPs on the list I hasten to add!


Here are my Candy Cane socks that I finished just before 2017 ended.  They are made in my usual way from the pattern in my head, with a contrast cuff, toe and afterthought heel.  The yarn is the West Yorkshire Spinners limited edition Christmas colourway.  This year I want to be wearing my Christmas socks throughout the month of December so I really must plan better!


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