Dream 2016

2016 is an important celebratory year for William Shakespeare as you probably know.  The Royal Shakespeare Company came up with a wonderful project for this special year.  The company went on a nationwide tour with the ever popular ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’  dubbed the ‘Play for the Nation’.  It involved a collaboration between the RSC and… Continue reading Dream 2016

Hothouse Socks

We’ve had a mini-heatwave in South Wales – we hit 31 degrees yesterday which for a pale celtic sort like myself is far too hot.  My husband who is in The Gambia for the week informed me that this was nothing compared to the heat he was experiencing over there. I pointed out that Gambia… Continue reading Hothouse Socks


  July is turning out to be quite a wet month here in South Wales.  This morning was no exception – grey and miserable.  I made up for this with a cup of coffee, a spot of sock knitting and Woman’s Hour on Radio4.  Happily one of the items on Woman’s Hour was Jane Garvey… Continue reading July