I have managed to find a window of opportunity to write a blog post!  Half term madness is over and I’m armed with a large cup of tea while a little girl who lives in my house sleeps.  Here goes…

I love to knit socks.  I’ve knitted lots of socks over the last couple of months for various people – they are lovely autumn gifts.  Hand knitted socks are one of life’s little luxuries in my opinion.  Not only that but i think they are the perfect knitting project.  Small, portable and they can be as interesting or as boring as you needed them to be.

imageI joined a sock club earlier in the year run by The Knitting Goddess.  I’d got into the habit of accumulating sock yarn, falling in love with beautiful colours, but not always with a pattern in mind.  The beauty of the club was not only did I get some lovely limited edition hand-dyed yarn but also a great pattern by the queen of socks Rachel Coopey.  This pattern is called ‘Pip’ and the yarn colour is ‘apple crumble’.  All the club socks have been inspired by traditional British puddings!  I didn’t sign up for all the club parcels but I have two more pudding socks waiting to be knitted.  Autumn is a season with many birthdays so there are plenty excuses for sock knitting.  These were made for my friend Saran who is already enjoying them judging by the picture below.

Great sock pattern with garter ridges and cables and I absolutely love the yarn!



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