Vanilla Latte

I’ve wanted to knit some Vanilla Latte for ages – it’s a free pattern on Ravelry and has the perfect balance of being a patterned sock with just the right amount of pattern to make them tv knitting worthy.  The pattern is pretty but straightforward and uncomplicated. I used a skein of Vicki Brown Designs… Continue reading Vanilla Latte


I’ve been quiet in the blogosphere for a while!  I find the pace of life busy and time short. My Instagram profile @gwlanblog is relatively up to date but I rarely get time to sit at a computer and update here.  Knitting has been occurring, some projects completed, others are hibernating but I thought I’d… Continue reading Socks


It’s been a long time since I posted anything on here! Rest assured I’ve been knitting through the months in between and sharing projects on Ravelry and Instagram but it’s time I gave Gwlânblog a bit of my attention. I’m super busy furiously knitting Christmas gifts.  I thought I would have everything done by the… Continue reading Socks

Rainbow Unicorn

Have you noticed that there are unicorns everywhere?  My youngest daughter is absolutely obsessed with them.  Her birthday this week has provided an unicorn sicker book, unicorn onesie and unicorn bedding – vintage 1980s style. I started this cowl before Christmas – she chose the yarn as it was like rainbow unicorns.  She is a… Continue reading Rainbow Unicorn